Troubleshooting deploy from media method

You are using the deploy from DVD media method with MDT 2010 and an error occurs when Windows files are being expanded. Specifically, the progress indicator never gets beyond 0% and eventually an error is displayed saying that "Windows cannot install the required files." What should you do?

Check the .iso file and DVD media for corruption. It could be that when you burned the DVD media the .iso file was not burned properly. What you could do is trying deploying directly from the .iso file to a virtual machine in a Hyper-V environment. If that works, your .iso file is OK and you should next try burning the .iso file to DVD media using a different DVD burner. The reason is because DVDs burned using cheaper DVD burners can sometimes only be read by the burner that burned them. Try a top-quality DVD burner and see if the media burned using this device allows you to deploy from DVD media using MDT.

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