Using Windows Explorer as Admin

In a previous tip I showed how you can open Internet Explorer by using the batch file e.bat from a command line. For example, to open the site you could type the following at a command prompt:


And in antoher previous tip I showed how you can have a command prompt running under admin credentials open all the time on your admin workstation.

It’s cool to combine these two tips together like this:

  1. Copy the e.bat file to your %windir%\System32 folder so its in your system path.
  2. Now in your admin command console, type e C:\

This will open Internet Explorer but instead of opening a URL it will make the focus your root folder on C: drive i.e it’s just like accessing your C: drive root folder using Windows Explorer while logged on as admin.

Now this is neat: type “Control Panel” (without the quotes) into the address bar of Internet Explorer, and now you have your Control Panel applets accessible using admin credentials. This is useful because a few Control Panel apps can only be used if you have admin privileges!


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