Vista is finally here, now what?

Well Microsoft has finally officially unveiled their latest operating system, Vista, to the world. Problem is, not too many people seem to care. Some of my clients, that I have spoken to about Vista, say that they are in no hurry whatsoever to upgrade. Strange really, Microsoft themselves set the stage for the almost bi-annual operating system release, and then Vista was released quite a few years later then that. While Vista does incorporate some good security features, the fact remains that these features are themselves only a minor hindrance to the black/grey hat community. For all the talk about address space layout randomisation (ASLR) you would think it is both check and mate for exploit developers. Well for the one or two that I have spoken to, that is most certainly not the case. That said, is Microsoft really supposed to bring a bullet proof operating system to the plate? In my opinion no. Neither Linux, BSD, or Mac operating systems are free of exploits. When you’re the King of the Hill everyone wants a piece of you. Personally speaking I won’t be upgrading to Vista anytime soon, beyond running it in a virtual environment. It still needs time to mature.

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