VMware Server no more?

VMware Server (formerly VMware GSX) is VMware’s hosted hypervisor. VMware Server has been around for quite a long time. Now, there is evidence that VMware may be discontinuing the product. Wil van Antwerpen wrote some more details and evidence about the discontinuation of VMware Server on PlanetVM. Some of the evidence includes:

  • Quote from security advisory VMSA-2010-0007.1 – “End of General Support for VMware Server 2.0 is 2011-06-30, users should plan to upgrade to the newest release of either ESXi or VMware Player”
  • There have been not updates to VMware Server in almost 7 months.
  • “Patch pending” status for VMware Server in VMSA-2009-0016.5 that has not been fixed.

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