VMware vCenter support for Microsoft Hyper-V

Microsoft is making strong inroads into the enterprise and a lot of enterprises are incorporating multiple hypervisors.  Thus, managing all these hypervisors is becoming more of a chore as different management consoles are needed for different hypervisors. 

During VMworld Europe 2012, VMware announced that vCenter Server 5.1 would soon be capable of managing Microsoft Hyper-V servers. The new add-on to vCenter Server that allows this functionality is something called vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager (MHM).

The new software is made up of three components: a new MHM Extension into vCenter, an MHM Server that talks to the Hyper-V or third-party host infrastructure (actually translating the language of third-party hypervisors so that vCenter Server can understand it and manage it from the same user interface), and a vSphere Client MHM client plug-in that visualizes these third-party components into the infrastructure client.

MHM won’t offer total Hyper-V managment, but a lot of the day-to-day operations will be available.  So, this makes an admin’s life quite a bit better when dealing with multiple hypervisor vendors.

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