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Well if you check out the two below noted url’s you will see that both stories relate to sites being compromised. I always hear about “ROI” this or “ROI” that. Well in this case the ROI (return on investment) for having purchased a product like Acunetix’s web app scanner would of been not getting hacked! Brutal! Two of the best known domain names today getting hacked over something as simple as this. Anyhow, with the above in mind you may wish to revisit the issue of buying a web app scanner. That or get ready to get up close and personal with an HTTP proxy such as SPIKE. Then again though not too many want to invest the time learning how to use them properly.



An automated check of Microsoft’s and PayPal’s web applications (using Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner) could have saved the companies from denting their reputation and credibility.

Acunetix provides free audit to help companies determine the security of their websites

Enterprises who would like to have their website security checked can register for a free audit by visiting http://www.acunetix.com/security-audit.

Participating enterprises will receive a summary audit report showing whether their website is secure or not. Summary reports will be delivered within five business days of submission.

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