Whitepaper: Microsoft Hyper-V Scalability with EMC Symmetrix VMAX


EMC recently released a white paper highlighting their Hyper-V scalability tests in which one of the largest Hyper-V environments in the world was created. This testing was performed to demonstrate how well such an environment scales when deployed on an EMC Symmetrix VMAX enterprise storage platform. Descriptions of technologies that can be applied, such as storage tiering, provisioning, and replication, show how Symmetrix features and EMC software products are used to provide scalable, reliable, and highly available virtualization solutions to assist customers on their journey to the cloud.

The environment consists of a 16-node Hyper-V cluster, using the Symmetrix VMAX storage arrays capable of scaling to 64 virtual machines per cluster node for a total of 1024 virtual machines, the goal was to see how well the Symmetrix VMAX storage array performs and how performance can be optimized.

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