Whitepaper: VMware View Storage Accelerator

Storage has quickly become the main performance bottleneck in many VDI infrastructures.  There have been many performance enhancements by storage vendors to help alleviate this bottleneck, and now some of the VDI vendors are coming up with creative ways to address this issue as well.  Take VMware’s View Storage Accelerator for example.  VMWare’s View Storage Accelerator uses host RAM to create a content-based read cache (CBRC).  Host caching uses the host’s RAM, which reduces the virtual machine consolidation ratio. A larger cache size leads to a lower consolidation ratio.

This whitepaper provides a thorough understanding of CBRC in vSphere and how CBRC is integrated with VMware View to provide host caching. The paper also explains how to configure View Storage Accelerator (host caching) for View desktops.

Download the whitepaper at the source…

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