Windows NT application Setup program does not work

When you double-click any application setup program, nothing may happen. Also,
trying to use the Add/Remove Programs tool in Control
Panel or running the setup program from a command prompt doesn’t work.

This can be caused by either:

  • Corrupted or missing config.nt or autoexec.nt


  • Corrupted or missing KnownDLLs

    Many setup programs are 16-bit and depend on a working DOS Virtual machine
    NTVDM which depends on the dlls listed in


    To fix a broken NTVDM, replace the dlls listed in the KnownDLLs list
    with versions from a working NT. These dlls are mosting in the system32 and
    system folders (but not all). Just find them on a working NT and copy them to
    the same location

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