The Xtreme Minute: This technology thing, it’s a risky business…

Welcome to the Xtreme Minute! A quick look at hot tech topics that comprise today’s TechGenix Xtreme podcast discussion with Louise Chalupiak and Peter King. You can join the online conversation by clicking the link to an article and adding your comments. This week is all about risk in technology. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect.

We start with a discussion on Derek Kortepeter’s article titled Move over, ransomware: Cryptominer malware now “No. 1 threat”. Just when we thought we had malware prevention and detection somewhat under control, we now have a less detectable threat lurking in the cryptomining shadows. Derek is a very active member of the InfoSec community and the reality is that if he is writing about it, now is the time to sit up and take notice.

Our second technology threat up for discussion is from Benjamin Roussey and his article titled Crucial lessons for the IT world from recent data breaches. This article outlines lessons learned from some of the major breaches we have seen in the past 12 months and stresses the importance of having an enterprise incident response plan. We all seem to agree that we need to not only learn from our own mistakes, but we also need to own up to mistakes that we’ve made.

While we could most likely continue for hours regarding technology threats, we must close somewhere. Our discussion today ends with an article by Mitch Tulloch titled Cloud migration: Yes, there’s always some measure of risk involved. While this almost reads like a good piece of fiction, or more accurately a tragedy, it really is a cautionary tale. Even a highly experienced integrator working with one of the largest vendors can encounter challenges when working through a migration. This also raises the question as to how our vendors rank the severity of our issues.

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