New Synology Active Backup for Business protects your workloads

Synology recently launched a set of new data backup packages: Active Backup for Business, Active Backup for G Suite, and a new version of Active Backup for Office 365.

With these new offerings, users can use Synology NAS to protect their workloads and data even when they are scattered across physical servers, virtual machines, PCs, and cloud services. And there’s no need to purchase extra licenses. Here’s a bit more about the new offerings.

About Synology Active Backup for Business


This new version is the first one that supports bare-metal restoration for both PCs and physical servers. This helps you keep workloads protected on Windows and Windows Server, while also protecting on-premises business deployments.

The suite of products also includes options for Office 365 and G Suite. So those who need help with public cloud backup can also take advantage of the tool. Admins can use these tools to manage backup tasks within one centralized dashboard, rather than switching back and forth between various backup tools for specific functions.

Backup features

The main capability of Active Backup is its snapshot-based backup feature. It provides a bare-metal restoration of the entire computer or physical server. So once installed, you can protect all your data by performing regular backups. In addition, you can use it to protect virtual machines without the use of guest agents.

Efficiency features

To enhance backup efficiency, the tool also features global deduplication technology that eliminates duplicate data across your devices, platforms, and backup history. And Changed Block Tracking technology performs incremental backups to use less time and storage space on your backups.

Restoration features

If you ever need to restore a single file or a full VM, the tool has flexible restoration capability so you can perform a recovery to your physical hosts or P2V using Synology’s Virtual Machine Manager. There’s also an instant restore option for Synology VMM that works as a full disaster recovery solution or a test environment for those working on new deployments.

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