Amazon Chime update adds Active Directory support

Amazon Web Services just announced an update to Amazon Chime, its communications service that lets users chat with each other from all over the world.

The update includes a couple of new features — the ability to claim a domain as your own and support for existing Active Directories. Here’s a bit more information about each of the new Amazon Chime update features.

Claiming domains on Amazon Chime

Basically, this feature allows organizations and their employees to use Amazon Chime in more of an official capacity. Instead of each person having to sign up for their own account individually, an organization can claim its domain and then manage usage for all of the individuals using that domain. That also means that organizations can grant access to new employees and suspend usage for team members who leave the organization.

To take advantage of this new feature, you can simply enter your organization’s domain to assert that you own it. Then you need to enter a TXT record to your domain’s DNS entry to prove that you actually own the domain. You can then repeat that same process for any subdomain that your organization uses for email addresses.

From there, Amazon Chime will simply confirm that you own the domain and then grant you access to your new enterprise account. And each of your team members can gain access to Amazon Chime under the umbrella of your organization’s domain, giving you advanced control features.

Support for Active Directories

In addition, the company added support for existing Active Directory accounts. So with this new feature, you can use your existing Active Directory identity and credentials to sign into Amazon Chime.

You have to have an Amazon Chime enterprise account to use this feature. You can use the AWS Directory Service AD Connector to connect to your existing on-premises AD instances. Or you can simply use Microsoft AD, configured for standalone use.

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