Microsoft Authentication Libraries now generally available

Microsoft has announced the General Availability of Microsoft Authentication Libraries, which are now available for Android, iOS, and macOS. The MSAL libraries are meant to help users easily integrate authentication into a diverse set of applications.

The new Android, iOS, and macOS MSAL libraries are now offered alongside the existing versions, MSAL.NET and MSAL JS. And more libraries are also slated to be released soon, according to Microsoft. So users may soon be able to access even more options for improving their authentication experience.

This new release comes with a number of improvements that have been requested by users. This includes the ability to provide device-wide single sign-on for mobile devices in multiple ways, both through the default browser and by using brokered auth via the Authenticator App and company portal. Here’s a rundown of the Microsoft Authentication Libraries and how they could improve the developer experience.

improvements

Developers can create sign-in experiences that allow end-users to access the same experience to sign into their accounts with any Microsoft identity, including personal accounts and Azure AD accounts. Organizations can also create branded sign-in experiences for social identities or even local accounts. This gives more control to developers who want to offer consistency within the user experience.

Additionally, MSAL maintains each user’s sign-in state while upgrading. So all of your existing applications that were made using older SDKs can still co-exist with your new applications in the MSAL landscape.

Intuitive upgrades

The entire MSAL experience has been refactored with this release. The interface is made to simplify integration and help users manage their sign-in state. To help users improve the experience, it also includes more authentication and single sign-in capabilities, including the ability to retrieve lists of accounts known to the application and even disassociate certain accounts from the application.

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