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I am a full-time DevOps Engineer and part-time writer. I enjoy writing about DevOps technologies, processes and procedures. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others grow. I am interested in tech in banking and finance, cryptocurrency, and the healthcare industry. I love to travel and have been to almost every country in Europe!

What Is the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer Tool?

What Is the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer Tool?

Did your company just give you a new computer and now you’re having trouble porting your Outlook account to your new device? Things aren’t syncing up as they should? Check out the MS analyzer to help troubleshoot and resolve issues. In this article, I’ll explain what Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer is, how to use it, and what tests you can run with it.

What Is the Exchange Management Console

What Is the Exchange Management Console?

Exchange server management can be a challenging job without the right tools and analytics at your side. The exchange management console helps server admins manage the exchange servers all from one place with an easy to use UI, integrated with PowerShell for easy automation.

Part 1 Azure DevOps

Part 1 Azure DevOps: Setting up a Repo and Creating a Build Pipeline

In this first part of a three-part Azure DevOps tutorial series, you’ll set up a repo to store all your code and create a build pipeline. This article will give you everything you’ll need to start software development in Azure DevOps. In the next article, you’ll learn how to set up a release pipeline. Finally, in the third you’ll learn how to set up QA testing. Each tutorial will help you understand Azure DevOps basics that you’ll need for every software project.

Skills that every DevOps Engineer needs

Skills That Every DevOps Engineer Needs in 2022

The DevOps engineer role is gaining popularity. Companies expect you to know the software application lifecycle end-to-end. To compete within the industry, you’ll need to have the necessary skills to excel in your role. In this article, we’ll cover the main platforms you need to know, CI/CD and Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) tools, and talk about integrating QA into your DevOps processes.

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