Azure Monitor and Azure Advisor enter General Availability

Looking for a nice solution for Azure monitoring? Look no further. Azure Advisor, Monitor, and resource health are now available to everyone.

Azure Monitor allows you see the essentials of your Azure instances without any need of manual configuration and additional tools, so the transition to the cloud is fairly seamless. Using Azure Monitor, you can receive alerts and notifications when your Azure resources aren’t performing properly–and you can address suggested recommendations via portal or API.

What Azure Monitor can do

  • Azure Monitor gives you the vitals of your Azure instance, which include platform and service-level metrics and logs.
  • The alerts you receive can be configured to your wants and needs, giving you actionable information on how to respond.
  • You can receive deep insights and analytics via integrations with your preferred monitoring solutions.
  • Offering a multitude of options such as REST APIs, Resource Manager templates, PowerShell cmdlets, and Azure CLI support, IT admins get tremendous flexibility in their configurations.

What Azure Advisor can do

With Azure Advisor, admins receive personalized recommendations to optimize your resources on Azure’s platform. Resource configuration and usage is monitored and recommendations are offered to improve availability, security, performance, and cost effectiveness of Azure resources.

Azure resource health

With Azure resource health, you can diagnose problems and receive support when problems with Azure impacts your resources. It’s a technical support platform to help you when you need it.

For Azure admins, this should be a nice welcome addition to the already handy tools at their fingertips.

Photo Credit: Microsoft, Shutterstock

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