Citrix Analytics lets you improve security and performance

Citrix just announced a new analytics service to help users gather and analyze data across Citrix products. Citrix Analytics offers insights to help workplaces combat modern day threats. Here’s some more information about the new offering.

What is Citrix Analytics?

Citrix’s new analytics offering is a turn-key, closed-loop, autonomous system that monitors an organization’s users, devices, applications, and networks to detect potential threats and offer precise actions to mitigate or prevent those security issues from harming your data or devices.

The program is specific to digital workplace security. It leverages the Citrix product portfolio, including XenApp, XenMobile FileShare, and NetScaler. It can track all aspects of user behavior, including access, application and data use, and network traffic. And it alerts you when it detects any kind of insider threat, whether malicious or otherwise. Then it also offers potential actions or solutions for you to mitigate or prevent those threats.

Benefits of Citrix Analytics

citrix analytics

Many organizations are adopting new tech policies that might make it more difficult to monitor security threats using more traditional methods. For example, if employees access your network remotely or on their own personal devices, it can be tricky to keep track of all those potential threats.

But Citrix Analytics can detect both anomalous and malicious behaviors across all your devices. And since Citrix solutions are deployed in over 400,000 customer sites at strategic vantage points, that gives the Citrix Analytics the ability to collect data from a variety of different sources.

Instead of relying on a solution that monitors only one potential source of threats, Citrix Analytics can monitor data from a variety of different sources and give you alerts and potential solutions right away. This can help you protect your data from insider threats while also eliminating the need for you to invest in multiple solutions just to mitigate this specific risk area.

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