New directions announced at Citrix Synergy 2017

Citrix executives recently announced some changes to its offerings and new directions for the company as a whole. Representatives made those announcements at the annual Citrix Synergy 2017 event in Orlando, Fla., where they also explained what those changes might mean to enterprises and organizations that use Citrix’s products and services.

Here are some of the areas where Citrix is working on updating its products and services now and in the coming years.

A deeper relationship with Microsoft

Among the major changes for Citrix going forward is a deeper relationship with Microsoft, meaning heightened product development and integration of complementary products. There are already plenty of Citrix integrations with Microsoft products and services. But now the company is taking it a step further.

More specifically, Citrix has virtualized Skype for Business so that it can run on a variety of devices. Citrix has also integrated NetScaler Unified Gateway with Microsoft Intune’s security solution. And the company has also expanded the ability for Citrix Receiver to run on devices like the Windows 10 phone, Surface Pro, and other Windows 10 devices.

Everything moving to the cloud

Citrix has already been a cloud-oriented company. But now the company is working even harder to ensure that it provides cloud-first solutions. The company has been able to leverage some investments in worldwide infrastructure to create cloud solutions that enable IT to seamlessly deliver both cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

Improved security offerings

Additionally, Citrix is beefing up its security tools to help enterprises protect themselves against the growing number of cyber attacks. Updates in this area include cloud-based security and the new Citrix Secure Browser Essentials built on Azure, aimed at improving security in web browsers.

Citrix also announced NetScaler Management and Analytic System (MAS) v12. This offering adds a cloud-based web application gateway and real-time analytics with machine learning and anomaly detection to further enhance security.

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