Copy a Windows NT user profile

User profiles are found in the %systemroot%\profiles
directory, but if you copy this to some other location, the new user will not
have permission to use the profile. The following procedure must be used.

  1. Logon as an Administrator
  2. In the System Control Panel, click the User Profiles tab
  3. From the list of all the profiles stored on the machine, select the one you
    want to copy
  4. Click the “Copy to” button
  5. In the “Copy profile to” enter the location where you want it copied. For
    roaming profiles, enter the netlogon location on your domain controller, usually
  6. In the “Permitted to use” click Change. Select Everyone and click Add or
    just the user who will use it, then click OK.
  7. Click OK to start the copy.

Check that the file ntuser.dat has been created
where you selected.

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