Custom Provider Creation in MOM

Sometimes we need to use custom providers to create MOM Rules. Here is an example of creating a custom provider to return free hard drive space information from drive H.

1. Open MOM Administrator Console, in the right pane, expand Management Packs
2. Right-click on the Provider folder and select Create Provider option.
3. In the Select Data Provider Type window, select Windows NT Performance Counter and click Next.
4. Enter the following information in the General window and then click Next:
a. Name: Enter the name of provider (for example Free Disk Space – H Drive)
b. Computer: Select local or remote computer to get the correct performance counter
c. Object: Logical Disk
d. Counter : Free Megabytes
e. Instance : H drive
5. In the Synchronization window, click Finish.

You can use this provider with MOM event rules to generate an alert based on the hard drive space information


Santhosh Sivarajan is an Infrastructure and Security Architect in Houston, Texas.  He is MCSE (W2K3/W2K/NT4), MCP+I, MCSA (W2K3/W2K/MSG) and CCNA certified. His expertise includes Active Directory, Exchange, Migrations, Microsoft Security, RMS, ISA Server, MOM, LCS etc.

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