New Dell 1U rack workstation options unveiled

Dell recently unveiled a new 1U rack workstation that it’s touting as one of the most powerful options available in the market today. The new Dell 1U rack workstation starts at $649 and delivers several options for powerful, affordable, compact industry-leading workstations.

The Dell Precision 3430 Small Form Factor Tower, the Dell Precision 3630 Tower, the Dell Precision 5820 Tower workstation, and the Dell Precision 3930 Rack are currently available. Here’s some more information about each of these options.

Dell Precision 3430 Small Form Factor Tower

This new tower offers a small form factor with up to 55W of graphics support. It is also expandable, offering up to 6TB of storage and RAID support included. It features many of the same benefits of the Dell Precision 3630 Tower detailed below, but at an even smaller size. Because of those features and more, it can work especially well for workstation users.

Dell Precision 3630 Tower

This option is 23 percent smaller than the previously available generation. It also offers more opportunity for expansion, giving workers the precise solution they need no matter what their workspace constraints might be. Additionally, it includes ports that are easy to reach so you can connect external data sources, storage devices, and any other third-party devices. Its scalable storage options feature SATA and PCIe, among others, which can be configured to accommodate up to 14TB with RAID support available.

Dell Precision 5820 Tower

In addition to the launch of the Dell Precision 5820 Tower, Dell also announced that it will offer support for support for Intel Core X–series processors and the Intel Xeon W processor options that are available on the device. These new processor options can offer enhanced performance and reliability in a workstation environment, but at a more affordable price point.

Dell Precision 3930 Rack

This option delivers powerful features but within a compact industrial footprint. It measures up to a 1U rack height and delivers high rack density and extended operating temperatures. In addition, it offers features like dust filter, legacy ports, and short depth to accommodate users’ needs without taking up a ton of space.


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