Enable Rename or Delete the Recycle Bin

You can’t right-click on the Recycle Bin and rename it Bit Bucket or Trash Heap.
To enable rename or delete:

Value: 40010020
default – can’t rename or delete

Value: 50010020 enable right-click
Rename icon option
enable right-click Delete icon option
70010020 enable right-click Rename or Delete icon

If you want to delete the Recycle Bin icon, its safer to use TweakUI.

There is an inexpensive shareware version for Win9x, NT and Windows 2000
called Tweaki. From
the shareware page:

Tweaki…for Power Users gives you all the
usual Desktop management ability; like turning off animated windows, enabling
auto logon, removing shortcut arrows, speeding up the Start Menu, showing BMP
files as thumbnails in Explorer, editing the system owner/company information,
placement of cascading menus off the Start Menu for Control Panel and the
Printer’s Folder, editing the file descriptions that Explorer lists for EXE, COM
& DLL, turning on/off of AutoPlay, rebuilding the icon cache file, print
directory structure as well as directory contents from within Explorer (Win9x
only), disable smooth scrolling, making NT always boot with the Num Lock key on,
changing the Windows NT logon logo to something you prefer, changing DOS box
colors in NT, X-Mouse support in NT, Ghost connections in NT, disable autoexec
parsing in NT, keep RAS connections alive, restrict remote registry access in
NT, set max number of simultaneous users to your server, setting security within
Win9x and NT, suppressing printer server notification messages, creating custom
logon messages, allowing Ctrl + Esc to launch the Task List vs. the Start Menu,
changing the directory where spool files are created to one that has more space,
TAB in a DOS box under NT to complete path statements, tweak IP performance,
change NT’s default logon screen saver…the list goes on and

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