Get Rid of FindFast

Microsoft Office installation places FindFast in your
system. Its indexing of files can really slow your system. To remove FindFast, click Start, Settings, Control Panel. When Control
Panel opens, double-click the Find Fast icon. When the
Find Fast dialog box opens, select an index entry and
choose Index, Delete Index. Click to the affirmative in any warning dialog boxes
that open. Repeat this procedure for all the index entries. When you’ve deleted
all of them, choose Index, Close and Stop to close the dialog box.

Right-click Start and choose Open. Double-click the Programs icon. Locate the
Startup menu and double-click to open it. Click the FindFast entry to select it,
then press Delete. Click Yes to confirm deletion. Restart your computer for the
changes to take effect.

Findfast, now the Indexing Service, is enabled by default
for Windows 2000 and XP as part of the base installation. Unless you have a
special need for a full text index of all local files, I recommend disabling it.

  • In Control Panel
  • Select Add / Remove Programs
  • Select Add / Remove Windows Components
  • Uncheck the Indexing Service
or simply change the Indexing Service
from Automatic to Manual in the Services manager console.

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