How SMBs can maximize Gmail for better business communication

As an SMB, it is fairly necessary to make your presence felt through email marketing and promotions. Many large firms like to use a personalized professional email domain name, but that is one extra cost that a small business, at least, can always dodge. Instead, you can use the Gmail account for your business and get the same benefits without any extra finances. Before deciding to opt for Gmail business email hosting for small business, let us tell you what exactly you should be looking for. You need servers that are constantly running, a massive array of useful tools and widgets, and multiple app integrations. Gmail provides the world’s best business and personal email hosting that can be coupled with the best search engine for all your business data needs.

Almost 205 million emails are sent out every day, hence if you want yours to stand out from the masses, it’s time you think out of the box and get the most out of Gmail. Even though Gmail is a phenomenal email platform for your business, you could be getting out a lot more from Gmail than what you are currently. Don’t believe us?! We’ll convince you. Let’s look at how you can optimize Gmail for better business communications.

Major benefits of Gmail

Gmail for business

Voice chats, instant messenger, and video conferencing

Every email provider service is incomplete without additional features like instant messaging, video, and voice chats. Gmail gives you a plethora of new and exciting features that can improve your interteam and intrateam communication by connecting to even remote employees or team members. The major benefit of Gmail for business is that these tools are free to use, which saves a fortune for your small business as you don’t have to spend unnecessarily on other expensive licensed tools or software. Gmail’s tagline is “It’s more than email” and if you haven’t discovered these ultra-useful tools yet, you’re not alone. The Google Meet conferencing feature in Google Hangouts, IMs, and voice calls make a big difference to your business communication. All you need is a Gmail account ID and all these exciting tools will be free of cost and within your grasp.

Multiple email aliases and group email addresses

email addresses

Using email aliases has become possible by using G Suite for businesses. Now multiple users can access a Gmail account through various handle names (or aliases). Responding to a single mail from a business prospect will never be stuck in the pipeline as there will always be someone to revert back and reply to them. Also, providing multiple Gmail aliases creates a great impression on your customers. For example, using an email address like [email protected] and [email protected] is much better than using an address like [email protected]. Creating a group email address is free in Gmail and you can create as many group emails as you’d like. Emails sent to a single group email can be transferred to either a specific person responsible, a team, or a department for quick and precise responses.

Better storage capacity

Gmail for business has an exceptional uptime SLA of 99.9 percent which is simply unbeatable. Gmail is compatible with Outlook and Blackberry that also provides additional spam filters. You can now focus only on the emails that are on top of your priority list. With every Gmail business account, you get tons of useful widgets and a mammoth 30GB cloud storage space. This never-ending space gives you the liberty to transfer or share any sort of document or software. Transferring large amounts of data have become lightning fast. Gmail’s free account comes with 15GB storage that can then be increased. G Suite’s basic pack comes with 30GB of cloud storage and a Team Drive option that lets only the authorized personnel have the administrative control. File transfer and accessing cloud rights will be provided only to the users linked to team drive. What every small business needs from a Gmail account.

Building your business’s credibility and win customer’s trust

Gmail business and G Suite gives your SMB an edge over your rivals by seeming more serious about what you do. Using a business domain from Gmail will give your business a more professional look than using a generic domain name. It also reflects on your professionalism while contacting with business prospects. The base of every successful SMB is winning the customer’s trust. You can create different email IDs for sales, customer support, jobs, and billing, which will give an apparent look of a big business with greater functionality. One advantage of using Gmail business domain for communication is that your emails don’t end up in the spam folder but in the inboxes of your prospects.

Data security, privacy protection, and CRM integration

privacy protection

Almost 40 percent of the data used during business communication is prone to be snooped or spammed. Gmail can be upgraded to a more secure G Suite which uses Google Cloud to store and maintain your SMB’s data. On top of that, hacking and malware are two problems that can be dealt with by Google’s Gmail. Confidential information can also be protected through Gmail’s full privacy protection. In order to track jobs, prospects, customers, and leads you may require to install a CRM system for tracking better. But you can integrate a CRM system easily with Gmail which includes features like Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Drive, and Google Sheets. All that in just one click!

Gmail for business: Perfect for SMBs

Although it’s arguable which email hosting is best for your business — a purchased domain name or the free business account — we would let you decide what’s best for your business. However, with all the benefits that Gmail gives you, it can be a big boost for your SMB to shift your business to Gmail if you haven’t done it yet. With new and exciting features that have been included keeping SMBs in mind, Gmail is at its best ever stage where you can get value for the time that you input. With Gmail business, there’s probably no other software you’d need for business communications.

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