New additions to Google Cloud Networking portfolio announced

Google recently unveiled a few new additions to its Google Cloud networking portfolio, including solutions to help with connecting, scaling, securing, and modernizing enterprise environments. There are also solutions to improve the user experience with cloud-native technologies.

Some of these solutions and upgrades in the Google Cloud Networking portfolio are generally available, and others are making their way toward beta shortly. Here’s a rundown of a few of the biggest changes you can expect.

Traffic Director for open service mesh

Google Cloud Networking

Traffic Director, which is currently in beta, is meant to deliver configuration and traffic control intelligence to sidecar service proxies. It works within the service mesh data plane and uses open xDS APIs. For organizations, this can help you create global resiliency for your services, since you can deploy application instances in multiple Google Cloud regions at once.

High availability VPN

High availability VPN will be available in beta shortly. Basically, the feature lets you connect your on-premises deployments to GCP Virtual Private Cloud using an SLA. This service delivers resilient connectivity by using redundant tunnels that isolate failures and provide connectivity continuously. You have two choices for HA VPN: active/active, where both redundant tunnels carry traffic, and active/passive, where one tunnel carries traffic and the other acts as a backup.

100 Gbps Interconnect

Google is also announcing a new 100 Gbps Dedicated Interconnect, which is meant to help users connect hybrid and multicloud deployments. These circuits give you access to tons of bandwidth and data processing capabilities.

Private Google Access

Finally, Private Google Access is now generally available for those who use Google services like Cloud Storage and BigQuery on-premises or in the cloud. To use it, you need to utilize VPC Service Controls and extend your trust boundaries from GCP to on-premises, which keeps your data secure from anyone trying to access from outside that trust boundary.

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