Google Cloud, ServiceNow announce new integrations

Google Cloud recently announced a new strategic partnership with ServiceNow. The partnership is meant to help more enterprises take advantage of the cloud for IT operations management by enabling intelligent workflows across platforms.

Since so many organizations are leveraging the cloud to transform their working processes, it makes sense for cloud service providers to connect and offer digital workflows that are faster and more efficient, especially when it comes to IT operations. Here’s what you should know about these new options for enterprise users.

ServiceNow IT management in Google Cloud

google cloud servicenow

First off, ServiceNow will integrate its IT operations management capabilities into Google Cloud. This means that customers will be able to use ServiceNow’s tools for things like discovery and service mapping within Google Cloud’s services. Basically, this is meant to help IT simplify the management and delivery of services across hybrid cloud deployments.

The first phase of this integration is already available. It focuses on visibility and discovery of services. So you should already have access to these features within Google Cloud’s services automatically. The second phase, which offers options for deployment policy and self-service provisioning, is expected to become available in the summer.

Google Cloud AI and ML in ServiceNow

Another change that is expected in the coming months is the integration between ServiceNow and Google Cloud AI. This integration is meant to create a seamless and automated experience within ServiceNow’s IT Service Management system.

This change will give ServiceNow users a more automated experience by leveraging Google Cloud’s AutoML Translation tool for organizations that want to scale IT globally. Basically, this tool can dynamically translate input from end users into an IT service agent’s preferred language in real time so they can communicate seamlessly. The hope is that this option will improve IT efficiency while also helping enterprises keep costs under control and keep employees happy. Google says that this capability should start to roll out in the fall and that the two organizations will also continue to work on other integrations that feature AI and ML capabilities.

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