Stores all Plug and Play information. Important in
Win95. Not used in NT4.0 but it exists as seen in
NT 4.0 has limited support for Plug and Play. It is limited
to support for PCI devices that automatically determine their own port settings
such as IRQs and I/O port addresses. The only time NT will adjust the settings
in the Registry is when there is a difference in the number or type of cards on
the PCI bus. NT 4.0 will not override the settings of non-PCI hardware to bring
it into compliance and ensure that the settings are not in conflict. NT 5.0 is
supposed to implement these functions (assuming hardware will support it). HKEY_DYN_DATA is different from all other Registry
handle keys because it does not actually get written to the hard drive. The Plug
and Play information is gathered and configured at startup and is stored in

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