IBM unveils an array of new products and technologies

IBM unveiled a series of new tech innovations earlier this year at CES 2019. At the event, IBM chairman, president and CEO Ginni Rometty delivered an opening keynote where she discussed various technologies like AI and blockchain and how they could impact the future of the business and consumer world.

Here are some of the top innovations touched on during the event, especially as they may relate to IT professionals and organizations.

IBM Q System One


This new integrated universal approximate quantum computing system is designed for both scientific and commercial use. Basically, these computers are intended to solve problems that are too complex and exponential for classical systems to handle. IBM is also opening its first IBM Q Quantum Computation Center this year in Poughkeepsie, New York.

IBM Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System

Along with The Weather Company, IBM unveiled its new global weather forecasting system, IBM Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System (GRAF). It will provide commercial weather system updates by the hour. And IBM says it will provide nearly a 200 percent improvement in forecasting resolution for much of the world.

Project Debater — Speech by Crowd

IBM unveiled Project Debater last year. The AI system was made to debate humans on complex issues. Now, the Speech by Crowd feature collects free-text arguments from large audiences on a specific topic and then automatically constructs its own persuasive arguments based on those findings. This is yet another example of the power of AI.

IBM fingernail sensor


IBM Research is also working on a couple of initiatives in the health sector. The company’s new fingernail sensor prototype is made to work with AI and machine learning tools to help clinicians gather useful data about patients’ grip strength. This could be especially useful in coming up with personalized care plans for things like Parkinson’s or cardiovascular disease.

Featured image: IBM

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