IBM expands new quantum computing system for broad use

IBM recently announced the launch of its new IBM Quantum Computation Center in New York State. This is an expansion of the world’s largest fleet of quantum computing systems for commercial and research activity outside of experimental lab environments. The IBM Quantum Computation Center already has a community of more than 150,000 registered users and nearly 80 commercial, academic, and research clients. The company says that the goal moving forward is to advance quantum computing and explore practical applications. Here’s what you should know about this new initiative and what IBM quantum computing means for the tech world.

About the new IBM quantum computing system

IBM’s quantum computing system is optimized to support programmable multi-qubit operations in a way that’s both reliable and reproducible. In order to achieve this goal, IBM’s systems need to offer 95 percent availability for quantum computational research.

Now, IBM’s commercially available fleet of quantum computing systems is in the process of growing to 14 systems. This includes a new 53-qubit quantum computer, which is currently the largest universal quantum system that’s available for external access. It also allows users to run more complex entanglement and connectivity experiments due to a larger lattice system.

Why it’s important

Since 2016, IBM’s community of users have run more than 14 million experiments on IBM’s quantum computers through the cloud. They’ve also published more than 200 scientific papers related to those experiments. IBM now has ten quantum computing systems are through IBM’s Quantum Computation Center, including five 20-qubit systems, one 14-qubit system, and four 5-qubit systems. The growing number of computing systems and computing power within those systems is essential for meeting the increasing demand for quantum hardware.

Additionally, advances in quantum computing can potentially help to open the door for future scientific discoveries, from new medicines to improvements for supply chains. So, the ability to offer these computing systems on a wide scale can help a wide array of businesses, organizations, and consumers in a variety of ways.

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