ILS directory service for NetMeeting

Internet Locator Server ( ILS ) is a dynamic directory solution for NetMeeting.
ILS supports LDAP conferencing servers and directory servers. ILS is an optional
component of Internet Information Server. You use ILS to enable NetMeeting users
to locate each other on the Internet or corporate intranets. These servers
create a directory of NetMeeting users. Users can select participants for
real-time conferencing and collaboration. The ILS product replaces the ULS (User
Locator Service) which Microsoft developed for NetMeeting 1.0. ILS supercedes
ULS. Obviously you don’t need ILS to use Netmeeting – just keep your own list of
ip addresses. Not reasonable for Internet use or enterprise Intranets.

ILS has the following features:

  • Support for industry standard protocols.
    ILS provides both a lightweight
    directory access protocol (LDAP) interface for NetMeeting support
  • Transaction logs to collect usage statistics, track messages and
  • Server functionality

    • ILS uses thread pooling and connection management to enable efficient
      handling of system resources.
    • ILS uses binary data packets to optimize performance.
    • ILS uses a spanning tree architecture to support many concurrent users in a
      single server configuration.

  • Customization available through Active Server pages.
    Administrators can
    combine HTML and scripting components to customize the ILS interface. You can
    create scripts to display a specific group of NetMeeting users currently online,
    enable user searches, and initiate real-time communication sessions with other
    users. For example, administrators can create “buddy pages” that limit the
    directory to a list of specific users that share a common interest. For
    Intranet, you can create unit pages, site pages, …
  • Microsoft product support.

For XP users, NetMeeting is installed as part of the full install of Windows
XP, but it won’t appear on the Start menu until it’s activated. To activate

  • Click Start
  • Click Run
  • Enter Conf
  • Click OK.
  • In the NetMeeting Wizard, supply the necessary information, and then select
    the Put a shortcut to NetMeeting on my desktop (or on my Quick Launch bar) check

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