Lenovo ThinkBook line of laptops provides solutions for SMBs

Lenovo recently unveiled ThinkBook, its new line of laptops aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. ThinkBook will actually serve as a sub-brand of business products for the company, with the laptops serving as the first official product offerings.

The Windows 10 laptops will be available in 13- and 14-inch models, priced around $729 and $749, respectively, though exact prices may vary by retailer. Here’s a rundown of these new offerings and why they might be of interest to business customers.

ThinkBook advantages

ThinkBook is a good fit for small-business users because it mixes the design and price aspects of consumer devices with the extended services and warranties that often accompany business devices. Since so many companies today are adopting a bring your own device policy or choose your own device model, laptops that provide sort of a hybrid between personal and business devices seem to be especially practical.

More specifically, individuals get the style and options they want. You can choose specific colors, size, and other visual aspects. But the businesses behind them still get the power and support they need.


The ThinkBook S series offers 13- and 14-inch models that include aluminum exteriors and a sleek look. They can also lay flat at 180-degrees and are lightweight at 2.59 pounds and 3.3 pounds, respectively.

Behind the aesthetics, these devices have built-in security features tailored to business users. These include a touch fingerprint reader, user data encryption, and a camera cover, among others. The devices also include hinges that are coated in Indium metal to help reduce WiFi interference, Dolby displays and speakers, and up to 11 hours of battery life.

And finally, Lenovo is also offering business-grade support along with these devices. So if you or members of your team have issues, you don’t need to search around for your own solutions. You can get your devices back up and running right away without interruption.

Featured image: Lenovo

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