It takes a long time to shutdown

You have installed Microsoft Networking with “File-and-Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks” and now it takes a very long time for Windows95 to shutdown ?
Check in your Network-applet in the Control-Panel the properties of the “File-and-Print Sharing“:

Check the parameter: “LM Announce“, if it is on YES, then you found your problem !
LM stands for “Lan Manager“, which was one of Microsoft first attempts of networking (still under DOS). To make Windows 3.11 WfW or Windows95 systems visible for old Lan-Manager system, it is required to make this Lan-Manager Announcements.
However, in a modern network WITHOUT any Lan-Manager system (only with WfW 3.11 , Windows95 and/or Windows NT), there is no need for this. But if it is turned on, it is the cause of the long delay in shuting down Windows95.
Turn it off by setting “LM Annouce” to “No“.

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