Microsoft Ignite 2018 features host of new product announcements

Microsoft recently hosted its annual Ignite event. Ignite 2018 featured a number of product and service announcements, especially those related to cloud, data, and AI. Here are some of the new updates and products in areas where Microsoft has been driving change.

Ignite 2018: SQL Server 2019 preview

First, the company announced the preview version of its new SQL Server 2019. SQL Server 2017, which was made generally available at last year’s Ignite event, was the most popular version the company has ever released, with more than 5.6 million downloads in the first six months. That update brought major changes, like an introduction to Linux.

Now, this new version lets organizations manage both relational and non-relational data within a single solution. It features built-in big data capabilities like support for Apache Spark and Hadoop Distributed File System. It also lets you access AI-driven insights from all your data through the use of SQL Server Machine Learning Services and Spark Machine Learning.

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

Ignite 2018Another announcement from the event, Azure SQL Database Manage Instance is now generally available. The tool lets organizations migrate SQL Server workloads to Azure without the need for changing codes. Meant to provide an easy path to the cloud and make Azure more attractive as a destination for all of an organization’s data, the tool also offers VNET support and compatibility with the all of the SQL Server features.
It offers native VNET support and is compatible with the full SQL Server feature set.

Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra API

Another offering that became generally available at the event, Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra API provides wire protocol level compatibility with Apache Cassandra. This lets you continue using your existing applications and open source software tools without the need for changing code. It also lets you fully manage Cassandra apps without the need for a vendor lock-in.

These are just a few of the product and feature announcements covered at the event. Microsoft also announced a preview of Azure SQL Database Hyperscale, a preview for Azure Database for MariaDB, and a preview of Advanced Threat Protection for Azure database services for MySQL and PostgreSQL, among others.

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