Microsoft Intune and EMS Conditional Access now generally available in Azure

Microsoft Intune and EMS Conditional Access capabilities are now generally available in the Azure portal, Microsoft just announced. For IT professionals, this makes managing those admin experiences a more seamless process, since you can access them right on the Azure platform.

Here’s what you need to know about these new admin experiences and what has changed in the user experience.

Intune on Azure

The biggest benefit of this update for IT professionals who use Intune is that you can now manage all Intune MAM and MDM capabilities in one consolidated experience, while also leveraging all of Azure AD. But the new Intune is also built specifically to leverage Azure’s hyper scale, meaning it can run on any device or browser. So you can even access the admin experience on a phone, adding a whole new level of scalability.

In addition, Intune on Azure is optimized for cross-EMS workflows, so it can share a console experience with other core EMS services like Azure AD and Azure Information Protection. And it’s also built on the Microsoft Graph API, opening the door for broader systems integration and automation.

Conditional access on Azure

The conditional access admin experience is also now generally available in Azure. This capability allows IT professionals to grant access to authenticated and validated users within an organization who are using compliant devices and applications.

To accomplish this, you’ll be able to access controls like the ability to challenge users to prove they are who they say they are, prompting users to enroll their devices, and guiding users to adjust their devices based on your organization’s security requirements.

These deeper controls can help you keep your organization’s data safe while still allowing end users with the right credentials to access the information they need from a wide variety of devices, something that’s important to today’s workforce.

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