Microsoft Intune gets a new streamlined user experience

Microsoft recently began rolling out a refreshed and streamlined administration experience for Microsoft Intune. These features, which are now generally available, were determined based on months of research into the experience of IT professionals on the platform. This update includes an experience refresh for all tenants. You can see some of the updates now by simply logging in with your credentials. And more updates are being rolled out shortly.

For those Microsoft Intune administrators who prefer to continue using the console through Azure Portal as they have done so in the past, that option is still available. However, the new streamlined experience is only being developed currently within the Microsoft 365 specialist workspace. For those interested in the streamlined experience, here are just some of the updates to know.

Simplified navigation

Upon logging in, one of the first changes you’ll probably notice is the simplified first level of navigation. This includes more logical groupings. So instead of seeing a long list of menu items, you’ll have a hierarchy of the elements that IT administrators must manage, like devices, apps, users, and groups. Then you can choose from those elements instead of being overwhelmed with options.

Microsoft 365 device management home page

There’s also a new home page that gives you access to quick information like service health, the state of your tenant, and news about new features and functionality. This can make it easier for administrators to quickly address outstanding alerts or issues before they create larger problems. It also gives you an easy way to discover additional functionality in Intune.

Platform filters

Since many administrators tackle configuration and monitor tasks by specific platform type, Microsoft has also added the ability to filter by platform. So if you select iOS as your platform, the navigation options and list views will only show the policies and apps that are relevant for iOS devices.

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