New Android P features machine learning, Digital Wellbeing, design enhancements

Google just unveiled a new beta version of Android P, the latest release of Android. It’s now available on Google Pixel and in beta mode on several Android partner devices. With this new operating system comes several innovative features, including machine learning, digital wellbeing features, and a simplified design. Here’s a rundown of what users can expect from the newest version of Android.

Machine learning

Android P is designed to learn and adapt to your usage patterns and habits using AI. For example, it features an adaptive battery that prioritizes the apps and services you use the most so that you don’t waste tons of power on those rarely used ones. There’s also an adaptive brightness feature that will automatically adjust the screen brightness based on your surroundings.

The operating system can also provide you with smart suggestions and app actions that can help you choose your next task or activity more quickly. In addition to the actual OS features, Google is also bringing machine learning to developers with its new ML Kit offering to help them build applications that integrate this new technology.

Simple design an Android P hallmark

Android P is also bringing a new sense of simplicity to the platform. This part doesn’t have much to do with practical features, but more with the design and general user experience of the system. There’s a new navigation system, a single home button, and a newly-designed overview. The home screen also now features more gestures that you can easily navigate to. So basically, the interface as a whole is meant to be cleaner and more user-friendly.

Digital Wellbeing

For those who find that they spend too much time on their devices or within certain apps, you might also be interested in the system’s new digital wellbeing features. It features a new dashboard that shows how much time you spend on your device and in specific apps, as well as how many times you’ve unlocked your device and how many notifications you’ve received. There’s also a new App Timer that lets you set time limits so you’ll get a nudge when you’ve spent too much time in a particular ap. And finally, the new Do Not Disturb mode silences both the audio and visual notifications from popping up on your screen.


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