Cannot get on Bootup the Logon Window

You have a network installed, but on booting the system, you do NOT get a Logon Window ( First make sure, that this was not setup on purpose to avoid the Logon Window):
Check in the Control-Panel your network setup:

– you need a Network client (for Microsoft or Netware networks)
– the Network client MUST be your Primary Network Logon
You still do NOT get on Bootup the Network Logon Window ?
When you select in the Shutdown window:

to “log on as a different user“, do you then get the Logon Window ?
This is a weird problem, which is caused by the installation of certain models of network boards (bug ?).
Solution ( as published in the Microsoft Knowledge base articleQ141858 ):
Use “Regedit” to view your Registry and verify under the key:

the Network\RealModeNet section:
do you have a key “AutoLogon(value does NOT matter) ?
If yes, DELETE THIS KEY “AutoLogon” !
Then reboot your system, you should then get your Network Logon Window:

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