NT Servers Alive Monitor

Servers Alive is a network monitor
program. It can monitor any Winsock service, ping a host/machine, check if a
Windows NT Service / process is running, check the available disk space on a
server, check a Netware server, retrieve an URL or check a MS SQL or Oracle
database. When any of these is down, it can warn you in various ways, including
sending you an email (SMTP) saying what is down, or paging you with a numeric or
alphanumeric warning. Servers Alive supports host dependency, such that when one
host goes down, all host dependant on that host can also be flagged as down. For
ease of use, the program can also be easily interrogated using a TELNET client
and/or a web browser. The program can monitor up to 10 hosts in the unregistered
version and up to 1000 in the registered version.

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