New Oracle database solution gets you up and running fast

Oracle just announced a new autonomous database solution that lets organizations leverage the power of machine learning. Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Cloud Service lets you order a scalable Oracle database that’s ready to use in minutes and tuned for transaction processing. Here’s what you need to know about the new Oracle database solution.

About Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing leverages innovative machine learning and automation to deliver cloud databases that are secure, cost-effective, and available quickly. The tool is built to run applications for a variety of industries, from finance and retail to manufacturing and government. It also offers support for a complex mix of high-performance transaction processing, as well as reporting, batch, and analytic workloads.

This is the second iteration of Oracle’s autonomous database services, after the company’s Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Service, which launched earlier this year. Both tools offer access to databases that are self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing. So you can access scalable databases when your organization has an idea but not the technical expertise on staff to build your own custom solution.

Top features in this new Oracle database solution

One of the most attractive features of this new tool is the ability to complete fast transactions. Oracle runs its autonomous database cloud services on Oracle Exadata, which is optimized for high performance and uptime. It also utilizes machine learning algorithms in Oracle Database 18c and Oracle Cloud, which combine to deliver autonomous operations at lower costs, since less labor is needed to manage the database. It can also respond immediately to commercial transactions online. So if you update a bank balance or order supplies, those changes are made automatically.

It also offers power and freedom for developers. If your project calls for it, you can deploy a database in just a moment so you have time to manage other aspects. Oracle can also independently scale the performance and capacity quickly, so your organization only has to pay for exactly what you use, but you can still be ready for spikes in demand.

Finally, the solution offers improved security, since machine learning eliminates a lot of potential for human error. It also applies security patches in the background while the database is able to remain online.

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