Put XP Start menu icons on the Desktop

Want My Computer or My
icons back on the desktop rather than on the Start menu? You can control whether they display using the
Control Panel:

  • Double-click Display icon
  • On the Desktop tap:
  • Click Customize Desktop button
  • On the General tap, you can select to display on the
    Desktop one or more of the following:

    • My Documents
    • My Computer
    • My Network Places
    • Internet Explorer

You can also drag and drop icons from the Start menu
to the Desktop. For My Pictures
and My Music, a drap and drop will copy the entire
folder. Drag and drop the other icons such as My
, My Documents, or My
Network Places
will place a shortcut to the folder on the desktop.

You can also:

  • Click Start
  • Right-click the My Computer icon (or other Start
    menu icon)
  • From the shortcut menu, select Show on Desktop

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