Registry Tip : Application RUN KEY

There are several places that a hidden application can
contains a Run Key.

A similar structure is in HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT.

Additionally, HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows
will have a Shell Key. Be very
careful here. The default entry contains EXPLORER.EXE. A comma separates
any additional data. If you edit this entry, be sure to remove the referencing
file, and the comma just preceding it.

Another Key in this same area is UserInit. Again, be very cautious,
the default entry is USERINIT, NDDEAGNT.EXE. Do not
remove this value.

See Automatically Run Applications for
more information. Want to know for sure. A good solution is to download AutoStart Guard, the Freeware Autostart Viewing, Alerting
& Control System for Window.

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