Samsung enters the enterprise with its Galaxy S8 with DeX

The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched on March 29, and always the innovator, it has decided to do something highly unanticipated: enter the enterprise market. The excitement comes from the blogs of both VMware and Citrix, and their teams are pumped.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8

Let’s just put it this way: it’s pretty heavy stuff. Samsung has announced a product known as the Desktop Experience (DeX) which is exactly what you’d envision it to be: a fully functioning Windows desktop.

In a smartphone?

Yeah. Really. (The announcement came 3 days before April Fool’s Day. This is legit.)

To utilize this Windows experience, the Samsung DeX requires a docking station to connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and that’s all — the desktop experience, right in your smartphone.

Almost sounds crazy.

But that’s exactly what Samsung just launched with the S8. You get your graphically and CPU intensive apps right in your smartphone.

But how is DeX possible?

That’s what is the exciting part for the folks like Citrix and VMware. Importing the desktop experience to a smartphone isn’t as easy, but it is made doable through desktop virtualization (VDI). What’s VDI and how does that help? Simply put, the apps are somewhere out there — a trusted cloud or datacenter — with the capability of remote access.

[tg_youtube video_id=”GEPegrUMXaA”]

Samsung is working collectively with Citrix and VMware to bring this experience to users. You can use Citrix Receiver or VMware Workspace ONE and get your work environment as you’d expect. Pretty cool, eh?

Clearly, this is the beginning. Unifying the smartphone experience with the desktop has always been a challenge, but perhaps not anymore. We’re not far from realizing the potential of what’s to come. But hey, it looks good.

Photo Credit: Samsung

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    1. Tamar Weinberg

      Well, it is for Samsung and isn’t like a VNC client. You literally hook it up to a special base to give you the full blown experience.

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