Security Events Logon Type Definitions

Taken from ntsecapi.h in the security subdirectory on
the Win32 SDK CD. Used by a logon process to indicate what type of logon is
being requested.

Interactive = 2, // Interactively logged on (locally or remotely)
Network = 3, // Accessing system via network
Batch = 4, // Started via a batch queue
Service = 5, // Service started by service controller
Proxy = 6, // Proxy logon
Unlock = 7 // Unlock workstation

Logon Events (interactive):

A successful logon event generates Event ID 528, Logon Type 2. A logoff
event generates Event ID 538, Logon
Type 2

Connection Events (network):

A successful Net
or File Manager connection or a successful
Net View generates Event ID
, Logon Type 3.

Connection events are sessions at the server level and are generated only by
the initial connection from a particular user. Later Net
or Net Uses from the same user to the same
computer do not generate logged events unless the user has disconnected (or has
been autodisconnected) from all shares.

See q103390 for a discussion of the NT account validation
across networks.

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Frank Heyne has made
available a Windows NT Eventlog FAQ .

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