Shared printer separator page for Windows 2000 and Windows XP

If you are in a SOHO or company environment with shared printers, users may have trouble separating their print jobs if several of them print in a row. The standard solution is to use separator pages for shared printers. Windows 2000 and Windows XP includes 4 pre-defined separator pages in the winnt\system32 directory:

  • pcl.sep
    Changes the printer to PCL mode and prints the separator page

  • pscript.sep
    Changes the printer to PostScript mode but does not print a separator page

  • sysprint.sep
    Changes the printer to PostScript mode and prints a separator page

  • sysprtj.sep
    variant of sysprint.sep but uses Japanese fonts if available

You implement a separator page by

  • Right-clicking the shared printer you want to add a separator page to
  • Click Properties
  • On the Advanced tab, click the “Separator Page” button
  • Browse to or enter the name of the separator page file

If you want to modify a .sep control file, the first line must be a single character which defines the delimiter character (any character can be the delimiter). Follows is pcl.sep :

\U\LJob : \I
\U\LDate: \D
\U\LTime: \T
The codes are (continuing to use \ as delimiter):
\N : prints name of person submitting print job
\I : prints job number
\D : prints date (in format defined by Regional option of Control Panel)
\T : prints time (in format defined by Regional option of Control Panel)
\L : prints chars between code and next delimiter
\Ffqfn : prints contents of file specified by fqfn
\Hnn : prints printer specific control code where nn is in hex, \H1B is HP esc char
\Wnn : sets max width of separator page
\B\S : prints single-width block chars
\B\M : prints double-width block chars
\U : turns off block-char printing
\E : ejects current page
\n : skips n lines. Legal values are 0-9

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