Looking for news on Windows 10 privacy? We’ve got some

It seems like a little snapshot of the concerns that plague Facebook users, but even users of Windows 10 are having challenges with privacy. That’s why Microsoft has become a little more transparent and offered users more privacy controls.

Windows 10 Creators Update

This new update is rolling out beginning today, which as Terry Myerson, the EVP of the Windows and Devices Group, say “bring[s] new features and tools that empower the creator in each of us.” What does that actually mean? It appears that 3D and mixed reality will become a Windows 10 reality, because now gamers can become broadcasters too. Further, as Microsoft says, the Edge browser will be enhanced.

Privacy perks

Windows 10 Creators Update wasn’t just about features. It also is now giving users in-product information about their privacy. Each privacy setting will now have short descriptions and a “Learn More” button so they can read even more details about these features.

Microsoft’s privacy statement will provide more context into these enhancements, and in the interest in being transparent as alluded to earlier, the statement will include data about data that Microsoft collects. Microsoft acknowledges that they collect data at a Basic level, just enough to maintain system security and keep it updated. It also collects data at a Full level where diagnostic data is captured to deliver personalized user experiences.

To that end, everyone will be able to review their privacy settings. The screen is shown below.

Windows 10 Creators Update privacy settings

The privacy experience extends to Windows 10 Mobile users as well.

Learn more about the Microsoft privacy details here.

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  1. I think that we’ve been getting a bit too paranoid with out privacy. Other operating systems like Android have been collecting as much data as Windows 10 does, if not more. So, what’s all the fuss with Windows 10 and its abuse of privacy in the past couple-three years?

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