Windows Admin Center for remote management now generally available

Microsoft just made its new all-encompassing management center generally available. The new program is called Windows Admin Center. It’s the result of the company’s recent technical preview of Project Honolulu, which was unveiled at Ignite 2017 and has been in a testing and development phase ever since.

Windows Admin Center offers a remote management experience that is modern, simple, integrated, and secure. This is especially helpful for IT administrators managing multiple consoles and functions within Windows Server and Windows. Here’s some more information about the new offering.

Features of Windows Admin Center

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Windows Admin Center is a browser-based GUI platform that also includes a toolset to help IT admins manage Windows Server and Windows 10 devices remotely. It also has hybrid capabilities, enabling users to manage instances in physical systems, virtual machines, or cloud environments. Within the cloud, users can access additional optional features like integration with Azure Site Recovery and support for Azure Active Directory.

The platform also offers an integrated toolset so that users can get an overview of all the resources and details available, rather than having to switch between different tools and contexts for different situations. And in the future, the platform should even become extensible as third-party partners and hardware vendors develop solutions to integrate with Windows Admin Center.

How to access Windows Admin Center

If you’re interested in accessing Windows Admin Center, it is currently generally available at no additional cost. You’ll need to download the program separately and then use a valid license for Windows Server or Windows 10 to actually operate it. Once you download the platform directly from Microsoft, you can also access resources and information about how to make the most of the program from the company’s website, as well as provide feedback about how the system works for your needs.

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