Windows NT unattended install gotcha

tcpcfg.dll gotcha!

If you specify a zero as the second or third octet of the ip address (as in, in an unattended install, the following error message will be

The IPAddress key has an invalid IP address. Please correct
the problem after the property sheet is displayed.

Its not a fatal error. Just press OK and continue. To avoid the error message
and keep unattended installs, unattended, copy i368\TCPCFG.DL_ on the
distribution server with the version from any service pack. Only the original
version has the error.

unattend.txt password gotcha!

During an unattended installation of Windows NT 4.0 is performed, the
installation process copies the parameter file, unattend.txt, to either
%windir%\system32\$winnt$.inf for a normal unattended installation, or
%windir%\system32\$nt4pre$.inf if Sysprep was used. A security risk arises
because the installation doesn’t delete the installation file when the
installation completes. By default, any user who can logon at the console can
read this file. If sensitive information such as account passwords were provided
in the installation parameters file, the sensitive information can be
compromised. This is primarily a problem for Windows NT workstation installs
since normal user accounts can not logon at the console of servers.

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