Windows XP Network Access

Once the network is configured, you can access data on other systems :

My Network Places
on the Desktop.
Have a look under “Tools” to
“Folder Options”:
By default, the system will automatically
search (and display) shared folders and
printers on the network.
All the accessable shares on my network.
Note :
if a share is de-activated
on another system, it will
take a long time before this
sharename will disappear
from this list in
“My Network Places”.
(according to the MS
Knowledge base article
Q300788 up to 48 hours)
If you try to access a
share, which has been
deactivated, your system
will display the error
message :
“Network name cannot
be found”
In such cases, use the
“Search” in the Toolbar
to locate the computer,
which will then list the
available shares.

You can also browse the network (like in Windows95/98/ME and NT4) by
“viewing workgroup computers” :

Please be aware of a change on the network behavior implemented in Windows XP :
While you are allowed to define usersnames without passwords ( = “Blank passwords”)
and to logon to the console (= keyboard, mouse and screen) as users without a password,
Windows XP required to access to its shared resources usernames with passwords !

When accessing shared resources
between Windows XP systems without
passwords defined for a userfname,
an error message is displayed indicating
the “blank password” as possible

Note: when trying to access a shared Windows XP resource from a Windows95/98 system
without having passwords defined for the username, access will be denied with “unknown error 31”
Using Group Policy Editor, you can allow access to network resources for users with no passwords.

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