Xtreme Podcast: Staying calm amid the storm of IT chaos

Welcome to our weekly installment of the Xtreme Minute! This is our weekly rundown of the TechGenix Xtreme Podcast with Louise Chalupiak and Peter King with links to the weeks hot tech topics along with all the cool TechGenix content.

We start off with an article from Mitch Tulloch titled, What to do when chaos rules your IT infrastructure. When we think about the security and protection of our technology, we often look for the likelihood of a catastrophic event, since these are the stories we hear the most about. The reality is that most infrastructure devastation is caused by rather minor events. Mitch supplies us with a list of tools that are out there to help.

Our second article up for discussion today is from Amy Babinchak titled, How do you make the leap from owning a job to owning a business? You are awesome at tech and perhaps it is time to explore owning your own business. This is a very open and honest article that divulges several lessons learned from Amy’s lived experience. An excellent read if you are considering a change in your career and are contemplating this major transition.

The mysterious Stephen M.W. offers up our final article for discussion.  Titled, 10 must-do tips for protecting your personal Facebook data, this is a topic that never gets old. There are so many things we should all do, but don’t, when it comes to protecting our own privacy, security, and safety. As a society, we are hooked on social media and this article is a great reminder that we are all responsible for our actions when it comes to our online activity.

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