Deploying fully patched Windows 10 computers: A guide for IT pros

Every IT pro has at one point deployed Windows PCs. But deploying fully patched Windows PCs is another issue. Here…

5 months ago

Forcepoint VPN patches privilege escalation vulnerability

If you are a Forcepoint VPN customer, there’s a privilege escalation vulnerability you should know about. Fortunately, there is also…

10 months ago

Microsoft Windows bug patched — after 20 years

A Windows bug has been putting computer users in potential danger for almost 20 years. After much delay, Microsoft has…

11 months ago

Windows PC utility ‘G-Cleaner’ a front for malware

G-Cleaner is just one example of many third-party applications that prove how easily people are duped into downloading malware.

1 year ago

We need to reignite innovative tech (Are you listening, Microsoft?)

What does it take to create innovative technology nowadays? Good old-fashioned courage. Hey Apple, and especially you, Microsoft — are…

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Alternatives for building and deploying Windows images

While the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit is often used for building and deploying Windows images to target computers, there are some…

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Apple, meet orange: The power of cross-platform PowerShell

Managing Linux, Mac, and Windows in your environment is now almost as easy as mixing apples and oranges. The key…

3 years ago

WSUS Offline Update: A lifesaver for patching Windows on standalone systems without internet

When you need to patch Windows computers that aren't on the network the usual methods won't work. Here's an approach…

3 years ago

Dridex banking malware is still attacking with a vengeance

The infamous Dridex Trojan banking malware has evolved and has found a new, even more dangerous way to infect Windows…

3 years ago

9 essential PowerShell security scripts every admin must know

If you’re not using Microsoft's PowerShell tool, you should be. These nine scripts and modules can help keep your network…

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