AWS Greengrass for connected devices now generally available

AWS Greengrass is now generally available to all users, according to an announcement from Amazon.

Essentially, AWS Greengrass is a tool you can use to run AWS Lambda on connected devices. But there’s a little more to it than that. Here’s a bit more from AWS about the announcement and what potential benefits Greengrass can provide to users.

What is AWS Greengrass?

AWS Greengrass is a software program that allows users to run local compute, messaging, data, and state synchronization for connected devices in a way that’s secure. Greengrass uses AWS Lambda to ensure that IoT devices can respond quickly to local events, operate even with intermittent connections, and minimize the cost of transmitting data from those connected devices to the cloud.

Features include the ability to run AWS Lambda functions on connected devices, keep all device data in sync, and securely communicate with other connected devices even when not connected to the Internet.

Benefits of AWS Greengrass

With today’s increasingly mobile workforce, AWS found that users of products like AWS Lambda wanted the ability to collect and process data while out in the field. Greengrass offers the ability to do just that, even when stuck with a limited or intermittent connection.

So for organizations with mobile workers or the need to process data on the go, Greengrass builds on other AWS programs like Lambda but without the need for a dedicated device or connection.

How to use AWS Greengrass

To use Greengrass, your Lambda functions can use APIs in three different SDKs. These include AWS SDK for Python, AWS IoT Device SDK, and AWS Greengrass Core SDK. From there, you can define groups, add Greengrass Cores, and even add specific devices to your groups.

There are easy creation and customizable options available. So you can really make the program your own and use it in the way that’s most likely to benefit your team and organization.

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